Career Counseling

Career Counseling

Due to the social system and the low salaries , for a lot of Romanians , working abroad is the ultimate dream .Ai?? For skilled craftsmen and people disposing of an academic degree there still are a lot of possibilities.Ai?? Most importantwoolrich arctic parka damen is speaking at least a foreign language and be prepared !

We at Verocos Bizz Solutions have been training hundreds ofAi?? RomanianAi?? nurses in 2011 and 2012 Ai??and prepared them before leaving Ai??the country .

Nowadays we help Romanians to obtain a challenge in Western Europe . But we also prepare them andAi?? give them guidance to be successful in their challenge !

To help you , we have to screen your capacities and goals to determine if you have chances to succeed .

-Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? Send us your CV as well as a motivation letter Ai??( )

-Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? We ai???ll invite youAi?? for anAi?? interview on SkypeAi?? ( vyncke.eddy )

-Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? If you are successful we search in our database to find partners who are looking for people with your profile

-Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? When there is a match , you ai???ll sign the contract with our partner.

-Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? The partner is responsible for all administrative and legal formalities

-Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? Meanwhile we inform, guide and prepare you to be successful in your future challenge and advise you a language course when necessary !

SC Verocos Bizz Solutions srl Ai??actwoolrich hamburg as an intermediate between you and the employer !

You might Ai??be asking yourself these questions:

Career Assessment:

  • Where do I go from here?
  • What can I do, Where can I go ?
  • How do IAi??determine my strengths, interests, accomplishments, personality preferences and career direction?
  • Do I need career testing?
  • It has been years since I went to school, now what?
  • I know what I want to do, but donai??i??t knowAi??how to get there. Can you help
  • What can I do today to prepare for a possible career change?

Resume &Ai??Social MediaAi??Services:

  • Is my resume working?
  • Is my academic degree accepted abroad ?
  • Are there possibilities abroad for a craftsman with my experience
  • Does my resume show the value I can offer a company?
  • Does it highlight my strengths ?
  • What is branding? How will that help me get a job?
  • Do I really need a cover letter?
  • How old can my references be?
  • How important is social media?
  • What if ai???digital dirtai??? shows up when someone Googles me?
  • Are my language skills at a good level ?

Career Coaching & Corporate Outplacement Services:

  • Itai??i??s been a long time, how should I dress for an interview in todayai??i??s job market?
  • What can I expect to be asked during an interview? What are behavioral interviews? What are situational interviews?
  • Should I negotiate salary and benefits? When should I do this?
  • I lied on my job application. I now have an interview lined up, what should I do?
  • My company just fired me. I have no idea what to do. Can you help?
  • Can a 50+ year old really get a good job?

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