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term paperIncentive Travel

We are a TRAVEL Management consultancy delivering full service meeting, incentive, convention and event planning Ai??inAi?? ROMANIA Ai??. Ai??We and our partnersAi?? dispose of a long expertise, creativity and know-how to ensure a successful program regardless of your budget or destination.

We plan meetings, incentives, conventions and events for corporations and associations throughout Ai??ROMANIA Ai??and beyond. We assist Ai??you with guidance for destination and venue selection, we negotiate with our partners Ai??concerning Ai??all vendor and hotel contracts.Ai?? Our experiencedAi?? partners Ai??will arrange your transportation and Ai??manage the attendees and all program elements associated with the program.

Verocos Bizz SolutionsAi?? approaches each project with a blank page and this allows us to be open to exactly what you want . We have over 35 years of experience Ai??in international managementAi?? and a recent experience in Events . Ai??We see each project and each client as unique. Ai??First we will listen to you and your team to discover your goals and objectives.Ai?? In this way , we are able to offer each project , Ai??custom made for the client.

Due to our long international experience and our fluency in 5 languagesAi?? we are able to get in the skin of our clients and fully understand their needs.Ai?? Our goal Ai??always will be to exceed your expectations Ai??!

As we do not dispose of a standard program and everything is custom made , you need to send us a mail with all aspects of your needs and your available budget and we ai???ll contact you in a short time to gather all supplementaryAi?? information in order to send you a personalized offer !Ai?? ( )

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