About us

Romtourist is a brand new Travel organisation , specialized in Romanian holidays and private Romanian tours. Because this is the result of a Romanian-Belgian collaboration, we guarantee that all Western European tourist will be happy with all aspects of a perfect holiday. During your entire stay we‘ll be at your side when you need us.

We offer every kind of Travel Planning Services : conventional holidays, medical holidays , Business-travel and incentives ,Congresses and trade-fairs, fishing and hunting and esoteric tours.

The advantage of a Travel Consultancy is that we are more flexible than a Travel agency. Because this consultancy is run by a Belgian, we better understand your needs and also guide you in 5 original languages. We take care that you get the best and cheapest solution on the market ! We act as an intermediary between you and the travel agent or accommodation ! As we are based and integrated in the country , our service is unique !

Romtourist is based in the center of Romania – Curtea de Arges – and focuses on offering you a new and exclusive customized way to discover the known and unknown splendor and culture of the almost unexplored Romania. (www.curtea-de-arges.com )

Romtourist offers conventional and relaxing holidays in Romania and more specific in Transylvania ( Arges – Brasov – Sibiu –Valcea), in the center of Romania , in all price categories. For other destinations, send us your request!

Romtourist also creates customized “made – to – measure“ private itineraries, giving you the opportunity to explore the country and see and do things that more likely only local people do, out of the beaten tracks in a special way that becomes a unique and unforgettable experience. Almost unexplored by foreign tourists, here you will appreciate the unspoiled scenery, medieval monuments and of course the kindness and hospitality of the Romanian people.

On request, we also offer organized and guided tours, contact us for more details!

You will appreciate our flexibility and love our competitive prices and unseen service in this domain. If you do not find it on our website, just ask, we‘ll find it for you.

Getting here is not a problem, with direct flights from London, Brussels, Berlin, Wien or Paris and a good connections from most regional airports.

We speak English, French, German, Dutch (Flemish) and of course Romanian.

Romania boasts a wealth of beautiful countryside and historic places, mostly unknown to western tourists. The area of Transylvania is no exception! You will adore your stay as well as the drive through the Romanian hills. The land of Dracula is enchanting, rolling hills and woods are dotted with churches, castles and lakes.

Romtourist also offers budget-tours , which brings you even closer to the Romanian authenticity. The travelers who make the choice for this option will stay at one or two stars pensions of good quality. At those accommodations home- made food will be served…

Our Free Style Tours

think of a tour you would take with a good friend or a relative you are visiting here in Romania. Your friend would take you to many places but you both would stop here and there, change the route make deviation based on your interest and mood. Suddenly you see something interesting and you both decide to drive by. Or you get an appetite for some delicious lunch and you decide to stop at a nice place far away from the touristy area. Your tour would be really free and flexible, without having other people around you don’t know.

Let’s say this is the ideal tour for you, exactly what you are looking for, but you don’t have a friend or relative in Romania.

That’s where we come in. Consider us as your friend. We will take you on tours and to destinations no others offers.

Leisurely pace – quality time

We stay for two or three nights in some places and try to find small friendly hotels (on the conventional holidays minimal 6 days). This gives you enough time to explore the environment. With a proper orientation to a city or a region, you can make the best choices for your independent activities, and we are always there to help. You will have time to relax and enjoy the sights instead of being constantly on the go. This is how you really get a sense of place, and gain a feeling for the character of each of the culture on the country.

Concerning tours, we also adjust and modify the tour according to the weather, traffic and your individual interest. No two tours are exactly the same. We will definitely cover all the points everyone wants to see but our specialty are the many sights most other tours don’t include in their set route. You dispose of enough time to stop frequently and take pictures, and explore the area as long as you want. No rushing because we limit the daily distances. We will make suggestions regarding timing and itinerary, and you always have the option to modify and extend the tour route, tour duration or combine a tour with a relaxing week on the countryside.

At Romtourist we know that if you are considering holidays in Romania that you are probably familiar with Dracula the movie and Bram Stoker’s famous novel.

Now you want to see it for real? Speculation suggests that the myth of Dracula was based on a real person named Vlad the Impaler…. We can offer several tours in Romania taking you through the heart of Dracula country visiting many of the sites relating to Vlad the Impaler and give you an insight into the Dracula myth and its association with Romania.

Romania offers a lot more than what is connected to “Dracula”. A lot of touristic sites are protected by the UNESCO and are worth visiting.

If you’re thinking about a legendary place to travel Romania may be your answer. Known as the parent of the Transylvania region, home to the one and only Count Dracula, Romania offers more than just breathtaking castles built upon rolling green hills. You can also discover caves and salt mines, restore your skin with mud from the Black Sea, and check out the stunning 1,000-room Palace of Parliament and the Arc de Triumf.

Have a look at our range of Tours and our accommodation in charming villages, discovering the most typical places in Transylvania.

You will explore this wonderland of scenic peaks, valleys, villages, historic sites and lakes in Romania, traveling by class-transport and staying in some of the most charming places in the country. You will stay for several nights in most places, which gives you time to have a good look around. Our customized itinerary has been carefully created to include the most scenic parts of Romania, and the most beautiful towns. Also for our weekly holidays, we made the choice for locations that offer a lot of interesting places to visit in the neighborhood. This site has been, developed by a Belgian, living in Romania and who will welcome you on each tour or weekly stay.

Touring Romania is almost like visiting all of Europe in one country. This country is a fascinating mix of French, German and Hungarian in the south. Most Romanians also speaks English, so you will have no trouble communicating. This is the land of contrasts full of charming and very friendly people. The best of both worlds, old and new.

Romanians impress the travelers they meet with their general friendliness, the way they give their time and energy freely, especially to those who show an interest in, and understanding of, Romania. One thing to be sure of is that they do know how to treat a guest, and being invited into someone’s home is not uncommon, especially in the villages. You will most likely make friends for life at a shot of Tuica or Palinca. Beware these drinks can knock you out.

You will also find Romanians to be down-to-earth people, not particularly fond in wasting their time with false pleasantries, and prefer those who are open, realistic and straightforward. They are very aware of their Latin roots, and this shows through their charms, stubborn pride and strong-minded temperament. Most of them will take great pride in their country’s rich natural heritage and folk culture. However, the other side of Romanians can be shy and abrupt, and their curiosity might give you the feeling you are being checked out, before deciding to open themselves up to friendship.

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