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Romtourist is a Joint- venture of  SC Verocos Bizz  Solutions srl  and  SC Agnese srl

Verocos Bizz Solutions is offering international Travel Consultancy and Services ( owned by a Belgian, living in Romania ) –  Agnese  Holiday is a Romanian Tour operator and a DMC / company specialized in service management ( Classique) . We are in direct relationship to provide complete solutionsconform to a high standard of quality. . 

Agnese holidays is on the market and licenced since July 2004 .  Together we are focused to provide custom services, in a highly transparent and interactive way.  In the way we are very close to the real needs of each partner and customer .

Together we ‘ll give you an unseen service at a fair price.

We promote personalised holidays and tours  in Romania and abroad  , our partner makes the booking and  the invoice !

Agnese offers the following services:

  • Basic travel services ( accommations, meals, transfers/transportation )
  • Flight tickets
  • complete packages for MICE/eventsand groups ( tourist or business)
  • 24-hour assistance through a single contact
  • professional consultancy in the tourism business

Together we assist and  give you an unseen service in your language  ,  once you are in Romania .

All services are offered after detailed preliminairy discussions to identify your needs and options. Everything is done in constant communication with our customers.

It is obvious that all available accommodations  and  tours  on our website  are   are checked regularly  and we recommend them  without hesitation   !

You will get an unseen flexible service and we guarantee you a personalized stay in Authentic Romania!

Hope to read you soon,

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Ed Vyncke                                                                                           Vali Constantin

Director Verocos Bizz Solutions                                                         Director Agnese Holiday – Clasical Travel & Events

Strada Luncilor 18 K                                                                         Strada Pene Dumitru 2

Curtea de Arges                                                                                Bucharest – sector 3 – cod Postal 032485

Transsylvania – Romania                                                                                   Romania

CUI  26141259                                                                                        

             Banca Romaneasa                                                          

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General Terms and Conditions


Dear traveller to Romania,


We have done our best to put together a selection of holiday accommodations for you in Romania and abroad and hope that you will find “your” accommodation or tour within our offer or advice.


Please take note of our General Terms and Conditions below, so that you know what you can expect from us and what we can expect from you. This Terms and conditions are accepted by you accept when making a booking via our partner.


Romtourist reserves the right to change the content of any information available on its Website at any time without notice.


Romtourist makes a commitment to update regularly the information on this Website but assumes no responsibility for any lack of accuracy or completeness of the information of his partner . All information and materials available on this Website are provided ‘as is’ without any warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied.


Romtourist is committed to ensure that all your personal information that is collected is kept private and protected. We’ll make sure that this website is absolutely secure in collection and use of your personal information.


You also have complete control over the information stored about you and what types of information, if any, you’d like to receive




1.Concluding the  contract


For us as a travel consultancy, we only advice you and help you to  make the booking with our partner.


2. Payment 


2.1. When the contract has been concluded with our partner, the customer is expected to make an advance-payment of  30 % 


3. Services, prices


3.1. The advisory services are based on the description of services that are mentioned on our website . This includes both photos and descriptions of the hotels provided by the partner or the partner’s Internet website, or the registration for services and the travel contract provided by the partner.


The extent of the services included in the contract is completely limited to the services outlined on our website and the relevant details in the confirmation of the reservation. Alternative arrangements, which affect the services listed in the contract, must be confirmed in writing. However the travel organizer expressly reserves the right to change details in the offer before completion of the contract for objectively authorized, significant and unpredictable reasons.

Romtourist is only responsible for the advice !

•Special customer requests can only be included in the trip registration or in the booking confirmation on a non-binding basis, unless  our partner expressly confirms it.

•All  brochures (for instance local town or hotel brochures) which have been consulted while making the booking are for information purposes only and their contents cannot be guaranteed


4. Romtourist  expressly advise the customer to take out insurance coverage for his holiday trip, especially international travel health insurance and travel cancellation insurance.

5. Passport, visa, customs, currency exchange, and health regulations

Romtourist  assumes the responsibility of notifying the nationals of the state, where the trip is being offered, about passport, visa, and health regulations, as well as of possible changes before departure date before delivering their booking confirmation.   For Romania all members of EU-states do not need passport or visa.

In Romania – despite the fact that a lot products or services are mentioned in € – the local currency is Ron/Lei.  Do not buy this currency in your home country , but make the exchange once in Romania.  Do not buy Lei in the airport, but  make the  change in a bank , by preference Banca Romaneasca ( best rates)

As the customer, you are personally responsible for adhering to all regulations as they affect the organization of the travel  concerned.


6. liability:

Within the framework of due diligence taken by any business firm, we will be responsible for making the “ advice for travel arrangements ” conscientiously, selecting and monitoring service providers carefully and rendering the services agreed in the contract professionally. Please note that we cannot be held liable for claims made in brochures published by hotels, local tourist information offices or any other authorities.


If, during your travel to Romania, a scheduled transport service is used and if you are issued with a corresponding ticket, then this shall be deemed to be a third-party service  x. As such, we cannot be held liable for (x) transport service. Any liability is subject to the third-party transport conditions of carriage to which your attention will be expressly drawn and details of which we can make available to you on request. Nor can we be held liable for non-performance of service by our partners x

7. Warrantee:

The client has the right to claim for services which have not or not satisfactorily been delivered. The client agrees that, instead of his claim for change or a suitable reduction in price, the organizer will provide a faultless service with an appropriate time limit, or improve the unsatisfactorily service. Remedial action may take place in a way that the fault is amended or an equivalent or superior substitute service provided which also meets the client’s expressed approval.


8. Exclusion and limitation of claims and covenant not to assign

• Romtourist is not liable for any claim, but will assist you in your claim against our partner .


•For transport on regular scheduled services where an appropriate travel document/ticket was issued, we are providing external advisory service. Therefore we are not liable for the actual provision of the transport services. In such a case liability is in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage of the carrier.


9. General conditions

Should any part of these general contract be invalid or become so, this shall not affect any other part of these conditions.

10. Court of jurisdiction:

Claims against the travel  consultancy should be made to the company headquarters in Curtea de Arges , Romania.

11. Travel consultancy

Romtourist , a division of  SC Verocos Bizz Solutions srl Strada Luncilor 18 K

Management Consultancy

115300 Curtea de Arges ROMANIA

Tel:             +40-373-78 11 15       – Mobile:             +40-743-88 44 11       E-mail:




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